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Discover harmony between utility and beauty with the Closet Classics line of closets for the home. Each system is designed to bring together all of a closet's key features into a union of form and function. Closet Classics delivers adjustable, highly effective storage with strong aesthetics.

Closet components contain the finest furniture materials. Each closet is constructed from durable wood particleboard coated with an attractive laminate that wipes clean with a cloth. Wardrobe rods come in sturdy chrome and brass, or choose steel rods covered with white or almond vinyl.

Each closet is custom designed around your needs and preferences. Shelves, drawers, hanging areas, and other features can be adjusted and changed. Frequently used items are kept where they can be easily reached. Plus, every square inch of space is put to use, maximizing capacity and as much as doubling the amount of usable storage space.

Our patented installation system leaves your floor space open. And vacuuming underneath them is a snap.

Keep valuables safe with an optional drawer lock.

Chrome or brass handles adorn molded drawer fronts.

High quality European hardware ensures years of trouble-free movement from each drawer and closet door.

A closet from Closet Classics is about the only thing children won't outgrow -- because it grows with them. Shelves, drawers, hanging rods, and accessories easily reconfigure into new closet layouts that match each stage in a child's growth.

Parenting an infant is easier with Closet Classics. Concentrate storage at the center of the closet so that diaper supplies, clean outfits, and other important items are within quick reach.

Young children want to do things themselves, and with Closet Classics they can. Shift storage to the bottom of the closet so the youngsters can reach their favorite clothes and toys -- and put them away again themselves.

Accommodate older children's growing arms and legs by expanding storage through the now reachable middle of the closet. They'll need the space as they accumulate more and more stuff.

Optional epoxy-coated wire baskets keep small toys neatly stored where children can reach them. Baskets slide out for easy accessibility.
Shelves are fully adjustable,
so they adapt well to
growing children.

With growing independence comes greater individuality. For teen-agers, a healthy part of becoming an adult is sharing their budding independence with friends and family. Closet Classics encourages this self-expression with adjustable shelves, drawers, wardrobe rods, and accessories.

Accommodate their growing desire for privacy. Shelves can be replaced with drawers anytime to keep items out of sight.

With plenty of storage space and the optional hamper, teens have everything they need to keep their room clean. No nagging necessary.

It's easy to add accessories teens might not have needed when they were younger. Belt racks, hosiery trays, jewelry trays, and other accessories all can be integrated into existing closet layouts.

Closet Classics has cooked up something great for the kitchen. Our broad line of pantry configurations introduces a stylish and convenient way of storing food and kitchen items. Abundant, adjustable storage space keeps everything within easy reach, even bulky items that don't fit into traditional pantries. Corner shelves eliminate deep recesses where it's difficult to remove items. Finding the right item is as simple as scanning the shelves.

Pantry configurations add an enormous amount of storage room, but require only a few square feet of floor space. Since they're built to last with sturdy wood particleboard, they have the strength to hold heavy appliances. A scratch-resistant laminate keeps them looking great and cleans easily with just a cloth.

Shelves adjust in seconds to make room for large, bulky appliances, tall spice containers, and other non-standard size items.
Optional coated wire baskets provide see-through storage for loose items like fruits and vegetables.

Closet Classics irons out the wrinkles in any laundry room set-up with customized laundry storage solutions. Combining open shelf space
with the right storage options creates an efficient system for finishing laundry work. Adjustable shelves keep laundry and household supplies neatly organized and easy to find. Hanging rods provide a convenient area for drip-drying delicate clothes or hanging clothes as they're ironed. Together, they offer a smarter way for getting the laundry done.

Optional coated wire baskets provide portable storage for dirty laundry and loose items like hangers and unpaired socks.

Laundry shelves can be adjusted to any height. And any shelf can be replaced with a drawer or basket for more storage options.

Laundry solutions add abundant storage space above the washer and dryer.
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