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Stretch any closet's storage to twice, even three times its normal capacity. Combine adjustable shelving, drawer systems and accessories in endless custom designs.

Our ventilated storage systems are designed for the way you live. Strong hardware, easy customization and installation are just the beginning. With additional accessories and
Stor-Drawers everything in your closet has a place. You'll enjoy years of beautiful, maintenance-free organization.

Design Determines

Heavy-gauge steel and a baked-on epoxy finish assure strength and durability. The patented Tri-Loc Anchoring System represents the strongest, fastest, installation. Single piece construction and a centered load line allow our support braces to hold up the heaviest loads. Tests prove that, when installed with our patented hardware, our system provides a secure, permanent installation, lasting the life of the home!

ñ A Perfect Pair
Open Slide II Shelving and Stor-Drawer Systems define roomy, walk-in storage for "him" and "her."
ñ Kids Play
Adjustable Uprights and shelves grow with a child's changing needs. Stor-Drawers slide out for child-level reach.
A Fresh Look At Linens ñ
Ventilated style shelving lets air circulate, keeping your linens washday fresh.
ñ Practical Pantry
Shelves adjust to maximize storage. Stor-Drawers keep items in place and still in view.
ñ Center Stage
Floor-to-Ceiling Uprights transform unusable closet center aisle to useful storage. 
Extra-Ordinary Space ñ
Stretch the space of any standard closet with Stacking Shelves and a Stor-Drawer system.
Storage Shelf 
Storage Shelf 
Shelf with
Hanging Rod
Open Slide II
Hanging Shelf
Stor-Drawer Systems
For Instant Storage Anytime

Precision-engineered Stor-Drawer System components stack in dozens of space-saving combinations for tall, narrow spaces or low, wide places. We can even create a perfect fit in shallow pantries or under counters.

Corner Rounder Shelves are available for all Hanging Shelves.
Open Slide
Corner Rounder
Accessories - Extras That Add Value.
Items customized for your specific needs. Made with the same strength and quality as our shelving, these accessories can organize any storage need.
1. Shoe Racks - Four sizes hold 6 to 24 pairs. 
2. Sliding Tie and Belt Rack - Up to 34 items glide out for easy access. 
3. Hang-All Rack - Available in standard and heavy-duty styles. 
4. Handy Basket
5. Hook-On's - Six handy hooks add instant hanging space.
6. Door/Wall Racks - Rack mounts securely on solid or hollow-core doors.
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